What's coming up
Week beginning

13th April

Sunday 13th

  • 10:00 - Service in Malahide
  • 11:45 - Service in Howth


  • 10:30 - HG - Glass Room, Malahide
  • 20:00 - HG - Glass Room, Malahide


  • 19:45 - HG - 62 Seafield Road East, Clontarf


  • 10:00 - HG - 28 Talbot Rd, Malahide
  • 19:45 - HG - 2 Maywood Drive
  • 20:00 - HG - Glass Room, Malahide
Friday 18th
  • 20:00 - Service in Malahide
Sunday 20th
  • 10:00 - Service in Malahide
  • 11:45 - Service in Howth


Please browse our website as we introduce ourselves. Feel free to have a look around (we have a similar 'Just looking' policy should you drop by with us some Sunday at 10am in Malahide, or 11.45am in Howth).The only pressure you'll get from us is a warm handshake!

What kind of an outfit are we? We are a branch of the 'one holy catholic and apostolic church- we are a Christian church, which has been meeting in North Dublin since the 1890s. We're also part of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, which just describes the way our church is run (we don't do hierarchy - our leadership team, including our minister, is chosen by us). Beyond that, we seek to be...

Open to God...

... a church that is Bible centred and Jesus focused.

Open to Each Other...

... a church where friendships with other followers of Jesus develop and deepen.

Open to Outsiders...

... a church made up of all-sorts that welcomes all-sorts.

So please do take a look, and feel free to join us anytime!